More specific subjects on certain issues


Fauna, flora and agricultural productivity in prehistory

- Agricultural cultivations in cell shaped farms of rectangular layout

- Annual double crops during the Bronze Age

- Sub tropical climatic conditions and animals, plants within the Bronze Age


Transoceanic marine technology and the evolution of cartography

- Boats and sea trade of Cretans in prehistory

- Boats and sea trade of the Achaeans

- Boats and sea trade of the Phoenicians

- The Sea Peoples

- Cartographic and geographic knowledge within the culture of the Cretans and the Achaeans

- Medieval maps and the enigma of the Pre-Columbus knowledge of the Americas and Antarctica

- Transoceanic prehistoric voyages between the Mediterranean and the Americas

- Nature and man made ports works within the Bronze Age

- Numerical simulation of boats passing by means of the hydraulic water system of the concentric circles of Atlantis


Circular geological features and their numerical simulations

- Numerical simulation of concentric volcanogenic craters

- Numerical simulation of concentric diapyrogenic craters


Metallotechny, metallurgy and metal trade in prehistory

- Copper alloys in objects in the Bronze Age

- Meteoritic and endogenous iron in objects in the Bronze Age

- Trade of copper and other precious metals within the Bronze Age


DNA studies in prehistoric populations

- Mt DNA and prehistoric women¢s population distribution

- Nucleonic DNA and prehistoric men¢s population distribution